A Risk Score To Predict Contrast-Induced Nephropathy After Percutaneous Coronary Angioplasty  
  Risk Factors Select Values Here Risk Score  
  Age (yrs)  
  Gender See GFR  
  Is The Patient African-American? See GFR  
  Is Hypotension Present?*  
  Is Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Present?  
  Congestive Heart Failure**  
  Volume Of Contrast Medium Used in cc  
  Serum Creatinine in mg/dl See GFR  
  Glomerular Filtration Rate Index (GFR)  
  Risk of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy***  
  Risk of Need For Dialysis    
  One-Year Mortality Risk    
  Mehran R et al. J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 2004;44:1393-1399. (Columbia University)  
  *Hypotension = systolic blood pressure <80 mmHg for at least 1 hr requiring inotropic  
  support or intra-aortic balloon pump support within 24 hr periprocedurally.  
  **CHF = congestive heart failure class III/IV by New York Heart Association and/or  
  history of pulmonary edema. ***Contrast-induced nephropathy is increase in serum creatinine >=25% and/or >=0.5 mg/dl at 48 hours after PCI vs. baseline.  
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