TIMI Risk Score for Acute Coronary Syndrome (UA / NSTEMI)  
  Patient with Unstable Angina (UA) or non-ST elevation MI (NSTEMI) = ischemic pain within the past 24 hrs with ST deviation and/or positive cardiac marker.  
  Age (years)
  Current Smoker
  History of Hypertension
  History of Hypercholesterolemia (Total Cholesterol > 193 mg%)
  History of Diabetes
  Family History of Coronary Artery Disease
  Prior angiographic stenosis >50%
  Use of aspirin within the last 7 days
  Severe anginal symptoms (>= 2 episodes of rest pain in past 24 hours)
  ST deviation (horizontal ST depression or transient ST elevation >= 0.5 mm)
  Elevated cardiac markers (either CKMB or cardiac troponin)
  Total Risk Score (0-7)  
  Risk of Death/MI by 14 Days  
  Risk of Death/MI/Urgent Revascularization by 14 Days  
  Source:  TIMI 11B Trial.  Antman et al.  JAMA 2000;284:835-842  
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