Transcutaneous Oximetry

1) Regional Perfusion Index (chest 02 level/ 02 at level in


a. Probable Healing           0.60-1.00

b. Questionable Healing        0.40-0.60

c. Healing Not Probable        0.00-0.40




Venous Duplex Upper and Lower Extremity

1)    Doppler Signals (present, continuous, reduced, pulsatile, absent)

a.     Spontaneous - signal clearly heard

         b. Phasic - flow increases with expiration and decreases

with inspiration

         c. Augmentation - increase in signal with distal


        d. Competency - signal cessation with proximal


        e. Patency

2)    Vessel Compressibility

a.     Fully Compressible

b.    Partially Compressible

         c. Non-compressible

3)     Disease Stages

a. Acute Thrombosis

1. Vessel is non-compressible

2. Vessel dilatation

3. Thrombus may be visible in vessel lumen

4. Abnormal Doppler signals

5. Absent or partial filling of the vessel lumen with

Color Doppler

b.    Sub Acute Thrombosis

   c. Chronic Thrombosis

1. Highly echogenic clot

2. Visible collateralization or recanalization
(vessel compresses and linear,
echogenic intraluminal striations present)

3. Vessel is not dilated

4. Abnormal Doppler signals may be present