Click on the following link to download Echocardiography Calculator for Windows. After the download is complete, unzip the downloaded file.  To install Echocardiography Calculator on your Windows Desktop, double click on the file  "EchoCalc Installer.exe". This will initiate the installation process.The installation routine usually only takes a few seconds. Finally, tap on the Echocardiography Calculator  icon on your desktop and the program will open.

This Installer package should run on any computer using Windows 95 or later. (Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, etc.)

Download Echocardiography Calculator  (April 18, 2005 version, 7.6 MB)

Install Or Download Echocardiography Calculator Installer.exe (April 18, 2005 version, 7.8 MB)

Echocardiography and Medical Statistics Animations by Dr. Guido Giordano (April 18, 2005 version, 13.3 MB - Includes Shockwave Installer and Readme). We are deeply grateful to Dr. Guido Giordano, the Webmaster at Ecocardiografia, for these beautiful animations.

Re: Dr. Guido Giordano's brilliant animations. If you cannot get an animation to run using the method of dragging and dropping the file (such as Diastology.swf) onto your browser window, another method works very well. Just download and install the following small "Swiff Player for Shockwave Animations", then drag and drop files onto it. Alternatively, you can open the Swiff player, then click File>Open>then find the Diastology.swf file, click on it, click Open, and the file opens and plays. Actually, I think that the Swiff Player makes a prettier presentation platform than Internet Explorer does. Here's the Swiff Player download:

Download the Swiff Player For Flash Animations  (May 3, 2005, 589 KB)

If you would like to use a Shockwave animation in a PowerPoint presentation, there are a few easy steps that need to be taken. Download this document for step-by-step instructions:

Download Document: How To Put Flash Animations Into A PowerPoint Presentation   (May 1, 2005 - 3.18 KB)