Our  Sports Philosophy

We at the Zunis Foundation feel that sporting activities serve two main purposes: Competition and Recreation.

Through Competition we are able to measure ourselves against others and against our own past performances. By means of this process we gain a more profound understanding of our own abilities. From analysis of our strengths and weaknesses we receive direction for new efforts in the process of self-fulfillment. This can lead to personal growth and a richer life.

Recreation is, literally, re-creation of the spirit. Every life contains conflict   and disappointment. During the time of engagement in a sport, our attention is totally consumed by that activity. Enveloped in the concentration of the game, the world with all its cares and troubles falls away from us and our spirits soar. When the game is finished, we return to our daily responsibilities refreshed and renewed, better equipped to deal with the larger struggle which is everyday life. Implicit in this analysis is the notion that sport is a positive experience. Games held in conditions which lead to poor performance by the participants are rarely productive. The absolute worst outcome from a sporting experience is injury. The injured athlete is moved away from his goal of self-fulfillment, and his cares and troubles are increased by his injury. The first goal of every athlete, every coach and every event organizer must be to avoid injury. This is the reason for existence of the Zunis Foundation. It is our sincere hope that the information provided in these pages may lead towards the goal of safe and productive sports.

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