Duke Clinical Score: Prediction of Coronary Heart Disease in a Patient with Chest Pain  
  NOTE: This score is not applicable if patient is known to have CHD  
  Patient Details:                                                                Enter Age & Gender    
  Age                           (original data derived from ages 30-70)    
  Classification of Chest Pain                                       Enter Chest Pain Features    
  Precipitated by exercise    
  Brief duration (2-15min)    
  Relieved promptly by rest or NTG    
  Radiating to jaw, neck or left arm    
  Absence of other cause    
  Chest Pain Categorised as:    
  Probability of significant CHD (ACC/AHA Guidelines):    
  Risk Factors:                                                                  Enter Clinical Features    
  Smoking (within past 5 years)    
  Total Cholesterol    
  Previous MI    
  ECG: Q waves    
  ECG: ST changes at rest    
  Probability of significant CHD (Duke):    
  (>75% stenosis of at least 1 major coronary artery)  
  Designed by Dr John Bayliss (1999-2002)  v11               West Hertfordshire Cardiology, Hemel Hempstead Hospital, Herts  HP2 4AD  


References for this calculator:   http://www.zunis.org/Duke_CP_Refs.htm

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