EUROSCORE & Parsonnet Logistic Risk Assessments Of Cardiac Surgery  
  Please Note: As you use this calculator, you are simultaneously calculating 2 different Risk Scores. The EUROSCORE and Parsonnet scores use different variables, as indicated in the far left-hand column. Please pay attention to this as you proceed.  
  E,P Age in years  
  E,P Sex  
     P Smoker  
     P Hypercholesterolemia  
     P Hypertension  
     P Diabetes  
     P Obesity  
     P Family History of CHD  
     P Aortic Valve Disease  
     P Mitral Valve Disease  
  E LV Ejection Fraction in %  
  E Serum creatinine > 2.26 mg%  
  E C.O.P.D.  
  E Systolic PAP > 60 mmHg  
  E Unstable angina  
  E Recent myocardial infarction (< 90 days)  
     P LV Aneurysm  
     P Preop IABP  
  E Active endocarditis  
  E Neurological dysfunction  
  E Extracardiac arteriopathy  
  E,P Previous cardiac surgery  
  E,P Critical preoperative state  
  E Emergency (within 24hrs)  
  E,P Other than isolated C.A.B.G.  
  E Surgery on thoracic aorta  
  E Postinfarct septal rupture  
  EUROSCORE predicted mortality (logistic)  
  Parsonnet predicted 30 day mortality  
  Nashef SAM et al.  European system for cardiac operative risk evaluation (EuroSCORE).  European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery 1999;16:9-13  
  Parsonnet V et al. A method of uniform stratification of risk for evaluating the results of surgery in acquired adult heart disease. Circulation. 1989;79:I 3-12  
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