Risk Of Transient Ischemic Attack Progressing To Cerebrovascular Accident: ABCD2 Method  
  Risk Factors Select Values Here Risk Score  
  Age > 59 Years?  
  Systolic Blood Pressure > 139 mmHg?*  
  Diastolic Blood Pressure > 89 mmHg?*  
  Is Unilateral Weakness Present?  
  Speech Impairment Without Weakness?  
  Duration of the TIA  
  Is the Patient Diabetic?  
  Risk of Stroke by 2 Days After Presentation With TIA  
  Johnston SC et al. Lancet. 2007 Jan 27; 369:283-92.  
  Data Source: Northern California and Oxfordshire, UK, Databases (4809 patients with TIA)  
  *Hypertension = 1 point is added if Systolic BP is >139 mmHg OR if Diastolic BP is >89 mmHg.  
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