TIMI Risk Score for ST Elevation Acute MI (STEMI)  
  Patient at presentation with ST elevation MI  = Chest pain > 30min, symptom onset <6hrs ago, ST elevation, no contraindication to thrombolysis. Pts received thrombolytic therapy.  
  Age in Years
  History of Angina
  History of Hypertension
  History of Diabetes
  Systolic Blood Pressure  < 100
  Heart Rate > 100
  Killip Class II-IV * (ie clinical heart failure)
  Weight < 67 kg (< 150 lb)
  Anterior ST Elevation or LBBB
  Time to treatment > 4 hours
  Total Risk Score  
  Risk of Death by 30 Days  
  Source: The InTIME II Trial.  Morrow DA et al. Circulation 2000;102:2031-7. N=14,114 pts. Patients were assigned to receive either lanoteplase or alteplase.    
  * Killip Classes    
  II   : Bilateral crackles in up to 50% of lung fields, isolated S3    
  III  : Bilateral crackles in all lung fields, acute Mitral Regurgitation    
  IV : Cardiogenic shock - Pulmonary Edema, Systolic BP <90, poor urine output    
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