Exercise-Related Heat Injury Registry

The Zunis Foundation is dedicated to making sports safer and more enjoyable for everyone. In order to achieve a better understanding of the relative frequency of exercise-related heat injury, we have established a Registry. It is our hope that this Registry will serve as a center for the collection of data relating to this problem. If you know of an incident of heat-related injury, we would be grateful if you would report it on this page.

Information in this Registry will remain confidential. We will not release this data to anyone without the consent of the individual whose information is in question. For information in this registry to have credibility, it will be necessary to verify what is reported. We will contact the person who is listed as having experienced a significant exercise-related heat injury, to confirm the validity of the Registry listing. In the event that the person has died, we will contact that person's family.

Our perception of significant exercise-related heat injury is that it is always defined by the person who has been injured. This category of illness would include heat stroke, heat exhaustion, fainting due to heat, severe heat cramps, and any other heat-related malady sufficient to make an athlete suffer badly or withdraw from competition. It is not necessary that the athlete be hospitalized for the event to be reportable.

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