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Mobile, Alabama, is located on the Gulf coast. It sits in a narrow weather zone stretching from Brownsville, Texas, to the panhandle of Florida in which the average July noontime heat index (corrected for sun and wind effects) is greater than 104F. This entire gulf coast strip falls in the "Event Delay Zone", and hazardous conditions for late summer football practice are commonplace. Here are the heat index charts for Mobile, from July 15th to October 1st:

Mobile-Football-July and August-1961-1990.gif (10326 bytes)


Mobile-Football-September and October-1961-1990.gif (10314 bytes)

During the  period July 15th until September 15th, temperatures from 10 a.m. until   6 p.m. are consistently in the High Risk Zone. By October 1st, average heat index values have fallen into the Moderate Risk Zone. These findings support Francis' conclusions. It is interesting to note the modest changes in heat from July 15th to September 15th, and the relatively abrupt fall between September 15th and October 1st. Similar September-October drops are seen in much of the US.

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